Increase Agility of Organization with SPS Exam SPS (Scaled Professional Scrum) is one of the most sought-after Agile certifications offered by Nexus stand on traditional Scrum by expanding it to manage more intricate organizational requirements while keeping the fundamental Scrum structure intact and not introducing anything extravagant, making it very prevailing among developing organizations. It helps professionals perceive how to scale Scrum using the Nexus Framework and launch structure, staff, and maintain a large Agile project using Scrum.

SPS Certification Overview

SPS certification demands that an applicant prove their knowledge and understanding of Scrum through a rigorous exam. There is no prerequisite to be eligible for this certification exam. Practical Scrum and large-scale development experience needed. Still, it is immensely recommended to attend Professional Scrum Foundation, Professional Scrum Master, or Professional Scrum Product Owner training to perceive concepts faster.

Target Audience

The Scaled Professional Scrum certification is best suited for development managers, development leads, project/program managers, and anyone else engaged in coaching, formulating, participating in, or leading scaled product development projects using Agile and Scrum.

Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) Certification is specifically aimed at those who are:

  • Formerly competently administering small Scrum projects
  • Aspiring to apply multiple Scrum teams to produce an extensive system or product
  • Handling scaled projects
  • Struggling with scaled projects SPS (Scaled Professional Scrum) Exam Details:

  • Passing score: 85% or greater
  • Time Limit: 60 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • Format: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, and True/False
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Language: English only

Tips to crack the SPS (Scaled Professional Scrum) Exam

Cracking the Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) exam is not that challenging if you learn the concepts in a thorough manner. Let’s explore the best tips and tricks to pass the exam and enjoy the perks of SPS Certification certification.

#1. Ensure that you are thorough with the Scrum guide

The Scrum Guide is the official resource or the course material offered by the Scrum Alliance, which is the certifying body for SPS. The Scrum principles, concepts, and rules are all covered in the official handbook. Once you read it comprehensively, you may not require any more study resources for the exam preparation. Official guide from Scrum includes everything under the Scrum Framework that you require to know to become a Scaled Professional Scrum from All SPS exam questions are taken from the official materials. The official online Scrum Guide should be considered as it is the updated and the latest version.

#2. Enroll for Training Course

The second tip on passing the SPS  exam is that you must register for the two-day training from a reputable institute with a verified track record.

#3. Take Advantage of SPS Practice Tests

Many industry experts ensure that with the help of practice tests, applicants can measure their level of preparation and get familiar with the structure of the exam. The other benefit of taking SPS practice tests is that one gets to know the topics they face during the trial. This way, they can work on the weak topics and acquire the confidence to ace the real exam.

#4. Actively Participate in SPS Community

This is where you will interact with people who are either working as SPS or have an understanding of SPS and people who are studying for SPS. The explicit discussions on the forum help solve many doubts and questions, moreover offering you links and resources to help study thoroughly for the SPS exam.

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#5. Work on Topics You Face Difficulty With

While going through the Scrum guide or attempting the practice exam, you will notice specific topics that may seem challenging and make you uncomfortable. Ensure that you get your doubts solved from the experienced professional, the online community, or other resources before the actual exam.

#6. Exam Day Tips

Since the SPS exam is a multiple-choice exam, you must ensure specific points throughout the exam:

  • Go through the question and the given choices precisely.
  • It is a great concept to drop the wrong answers first and then review the left options.
  • Always make sure to check all the answers before finishing the exam.
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The SPS certification is extremely coveted. The reason behind this is as more than 80% of Agile teams today utilize the Scrum framework. Also, SPS receives more compared to non-certified professionals. Remember, as a Scaled Professional Scrum from, you are a valuable asset to the organization with an online badge of honor from Scrum Alliance, demonstrating your worth and mettle to your organization.

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